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Chocolates Coffee

Chocolates and Coffee Treats Galore! is sure to be any coffee and chocolate lovers dream. We offer not only a large selection of coffee but a large selection of chocolates as well.  We have a vast selection of hot chocolate, chocolate candies, gourmet chocolate gift baskets, and chocolate flavored coffees.


Coffee contains substantial amounts of caffeine which is a natural stimulant, so you would expect it to wake you up. Chocolate on the other hand has some real surprises up its sleeve. It's a very complex food which besides a miniscule amount of Caffeine, contains mood changing substances called Phenyl ethylamine and Serotonin, both of which are also found in the human brain.  Phenyl ethylamine and Serotonin are chemicals released by the brain when feelings of physical attraction or love are present. Eating Chocolate has the same effect because it also releases Phenyl ethylamine and Serotonin into the system, actually inducing those same 'lovers' feelings of well being, euphoria and of passion or being in love!

Chocolate coffee has a rich, creamy chocolate flavor pleasing discriminating chocolate lovers.   We offer robust chocolate coffees, made from blending the finest coffee beans from around the world with the richest chocolate taste.  Guaranteed to deliver an indulgent treat in every cup!


So you see, chocolate and coffee really do have a complimentary effect on us, Caffeine in the Coffee livens us up making us more alert and attentive while Chocolate mellows the harsher effects with feelings that actually mimic the experience of physical attraction and love. Go ahead, fall in love by placing and order today at  You can call us or even “Chat Live” with our delightful customer service partners.  Give us a chance to show you how easy it is to do business with  Call today.  1-877-423-8327